FargoX provides a thought-out CRM strategy and robust software add up to efficient customer relationship management. To achieve this goal, our team assists you at any stage of the Salesforce implementation, from consulting and tweaking the platform to custom solution development and user training.


FargoX provides a full set of Salesforce professional services to support your CRM strategy with an appropriate software solution.

Salesforce Consulting Services

Our Salesforce consulting services are aimed to support your sales, marketing and customer service needs. We apply our CRM consulting experience to help the enterprises in professional services, retail, IT, manufacturing, finance and banking, healthcare, and other industries benefit from Salesforce use.

Salesforce Implementation Services

FargoX provides Salesforce implementation services, including consulting, configuration, customization (tuning the platform and custom development), migration, integration. We also deliver support and evolution services. We help to support sales, service, and marketing efforts for various industries, such as IT, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, financial Institutions.

Salesforce Support and Services


We take over the entire development and administration support of your Salesforce solution or handle certain support functions, according to your needs.

Administration support

Daily administration. We configure a Salesforce solution on users’ request, e.g., set up workflows, configure custom reports, and install apps to ensure the continuity of Salesforce-supported business operations.

Data administration. We upload data in a Salesforce solution, cleanse data, set up duplicate and validation rules, etc.

24/7 System monitoring. 
We quickly identify and fix errors in Salesforce performance, which helps to prevent critical performance issues.

Monthly health checks. We check a Salesforce solution for inefficiencies and spot which features/processes require optimization.

User help desk. 
We support a Salesforce solution’s users from answering questions about issues, like system unavailability to issues affecting many users.

Development support

Troubleshooting. We promptly react to complex performance/security/other Salesforce issues, which need to be fixed on the code level

System evolution.
 We implement enhancements, including substantial ones, to a Salesforce solution according to change requests and modify default functionality quickly and with no impact to current business operations in Salesforce.


We deliver a comprehensive set of Salesforce managed services, including:


  • We analyze your business needs and recommend how they can be addressed with Salesforce.We analyze your sales, customer service and marketing needs and define Salesforce clouds, editions and features (default or custom) that will help you optimally address these needs.
  • We define ways to adapt your Salesforce solution to the changing sales, customer service and marketing needs. For example, we canintroduce custom approval processes (e.g., purchase approval), modify case distribution rules and create communication scenarios for different customer segments.
  • We make suggestions on further improvements of features and business processes in Salesforce.


  • We implement Salesforce Clouds. We deploy Sales, Marketing, Service and other Salesforce Clouds to create your unique Salesforce solution, which ensures the full coverage of particular business needs with relevant Salesforce products.
  • We deploy additional Salesforce products. We complement your Salesforce solution with AppExchange or custom apps, other Salesforce products (like CPQ and Billing, Salesforce Einstein) to cover your business needs in full.

Customization and custom app development

  • We provide Salesforce integrations.We integrate your Salesforce solution with third-party systems (e.g., ERP, DMS, ecommerce platforms, etc.) to ensure smooth user experience across all the used systems.

Support and Evolution

  • We provide ongoing management of your Salesforce solution. We perform user administration, data administration, etc. to spare you from the daily routine administration entails.
  • We perform system performance checks and constant monitoring. We maintain your Salesforce CRM stability and health by monitoring your solution’s state and taking preventive measures against any occurring issue.
  • We perform bug fixing and issue resolution. We spot and eliminate errors in code, fix performance issues, tune misconfigured features and add-ons to ensure spotless Salesforce performance.
  • We perform monthly security checks. We handle security checks to spot threats to your Salesforce solution and address them immediately.
  • We provide user support. We handle day-to-day user issues and provide system configurations on user demand to facilitate their working with Salesforce CRM.
  • We provide user training. We carry out user training on default and custom Salesforce functionality to help users get the most of their Salesforce use.
  • We make proactive improvements to your Salesforce solution before it starts lagging behind your business needs. For that, we review the current state of automated processes and features and tailor them with a view to your future business transformations.