Data Analytics

Analytics & Business Intelligence

FargoX Consultants help organizations to mine large-scale data sets and provide insights that support the business to develop data-driven strategies, effective marketing campaigns, and result based analysis.

Cloud Migration Planning and Design

  • Manage data and uncover insights around organizational performance, user behavior, and targeted audiences
  • Work closely with your organization to make data-driven recommendations for product and process improvements
  • Assist in designing and analyzing experiments to help answer challenging questions about your data metrics
  • Design and Implement analytical projects that span across the enterprise
  • Identify emerging trends and measure impacts on your customer base
  • Build dashboards and tools to be used to share findings with customers and colleagues analytics / BI

Business Intelligence

  • Analyzing fragmented business needs, as well as voiced-out and hidden problems to create an implementation/improvement/migration roadmap.
  • Designing a cloud/on-premises/hybrid BI solution on a modern and robust technology base to support your strategic approach.
  • Advising on the processes and procedures to ensure data quality and security.
  • Elaborating an implementation and user adoption strategies.
  • Delivering a proof of concept (for complex projects)

Big Data

Big data analytics for fraud prevention

FargoX will allow your organization to take advantage of the data that you have or would like to have. Our expertise in Hadoop-based platforms, AWS cloud storage systems, and other technologies will help your enterprise to begin to utilize Big Data or increase the value of the Big Data that you are currently using. We have the expertise to help you, including: Big Data Architects to design your system.

  • Installation and Configuration of Cloudera, Hortonworks, and other Hadoop distributions
  • Development using Java, Python, and Scala
  • Integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • NoSQL processing with MongoDB, HBase, and others
  • Relational analysis with Redshift, Oracle, Teradata and others
  • Analytics with Spark, R, Python, and others
  • Visualization and analysis with Tableau, Alpine Data Labs, and others

Machine Learning

FargoX offers machine learning consulting that brings modern machine learning tools to your organization. Our consultants can help you to:

  • Detect anomalies in your business processes and operations using intelligent machine learning algorithms.
  • Leverage our artificial intelligence development skills to build adaptive, intelligent IOT products.
  • Use recent advances in deep learning and neural networks to find structure in noisy and complex data sources
  • Risk Modeling for financial institutions

Data Science

Benefits that Data Science Brings

Optimized supply chain management

Our data scientists can apply an ARIMA model or a deep neural network to generate reliable demand predictions. We can build neural networks or apply ML algorithms, such as hierarchical clustering and multi-class support vector machines, to evaluate your suppliers and assess the risks associated with each of them.

Improved production efficiency

We can help you fight low overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by identifying the root causes for availability, performance and quality losses. We apply machine learning techniques to achieve

  1. predictive maintenance
  2. undisrupted functioning, and
  3. enhanced product quality.

Personalized customer experience

Applying machine learning techniques, such as collaborative or content-based filtering (or both of them combined), we can design a recommendation engine to boost the sales of your ecommerce store. Such an engine can help you make your customers happier with relevant product offers. A webpage showing personalized content, a mobile app with promo offers that spark customers’ interest, as well as relevant email campaigns are also among the gains that you can get with data science.

Sales effectiveness

We can implement machine learning-based lead and opportunity scoring so that you’re sure that your sales team adheres to the chosen business strategy, as well as wisely prioritizes their efforts.

We can provide you with a machine learning model to help you streamline the sales process by providing your sales team with clever next-step recommendations.

Customer behavior prediction

We’ll apply machine learning algorithms to provide you with accurate predictions of your customers’ behavior. For example, you’ll be able to assess whether it’s likely that your customer is a late payer, how they will react to price changes or to promotions.

Image analysis

Using machine-learning-based analysis, our data scientists can turn images or videos into meaningful info. You can use these insights to solve various business tasks, such as automated visual inspection, facial or emotion recognition, grading, and counting.

Artificial Intelligence

FargoX Consultants will help you to accelerate the development of AI solutions. We will work with you to recommend preferred approaches and adapt them to your targeted scenario to achieve maximum productivity and reliability.

FargoX helps companies to:
  • Adapt AI to exploit the combination of human and machine intelligence.
  • Develop automation strategies to use self-learning and self-governing machines for competitive advantage.
  • Create new and disruptive business opportunities using the power of AI
  • Accurately measure the return on your AI investments