Financial Services

With increasing compliance, regulatory requirements, demand for superior customer service and price pressures; the financial services marketplace is more demanding and the business landscape has never been more dynamic. Financial service organizations are constantly dealing with extremely sensitive and confidential information. They need to balance strong security and data protection while addressing customer needs and adapting to a rapidly changing business environment. FargoX’s banking practice has the insights and expertise to help banks not only overcome the operational challenges and risks but also alleviate their position to embrace expansion opportunities within the industry.


Data Privacy




FargoX helps financial organizations transform business processes, rationalize product portfolios, strategize business assets, comply with regulations, manage risks and maximize customer satisfaction by adopting and implementing Digital transformation, Cloud computing and other emerging Data science technologies like AI and ML to modernize their existing IT infrastructure.

In the key areas of payment, consumer lending, retail & wholesale banking, commercial lending, cards & payments, multichannel marketing and distribution, we help design and implement strategic products and services that deliver value using AWS Cloud Adoption Framework