We help retail and consumer goods industry players live up to their customers’ expectations through technology.

CRM and marketing automationdeveloping personalized and lasting relationships with complete, actionable customer data at hand.

Loyalty programs: implementing customer retention strategies through СRM-powered management of loyalty schemes across in-store, web and mobile channels.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

We help you make informed decisions based on rich analytics sourced from your IT ecosystem and customer touchpoints.

Data warehousing and master data management: putting together a single version of truth by cleansing and integrating your data from multiple distributed sources.

OLAP cubes: handling careful combinations of relevant metrics on customer behavior, inventory, operations, finance and more from the standpoints you require.

Reporting UI: providing users with interactive reporting dashboards that can be tailored to their particular role.

Predictive analytics: tapping into customer trends and demand forecasts with meaningful data.

Our Capabilities

Our technological competencies cover the full cycle of retail software development services:

  • platform-based implementation (Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Salesforce, Episerver, ServiceNow, etc.)
  • custom development
  • redesign of enterprise systems
  • maintenance
  • support

These services are delivered by on-demand, scalable teams of ideators and practitioners who include business analysts, software consultants and engineers, graphic designers and quality assurance professionals.